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Most states offer single parent benefits which include unemployment insurance benefits in the form of temporary financial aid for those who have been retrenched and assistance for children with special needs.

Further programs specifically cater for pregnant women, infants and toddlers where education, health, nutrition and social services combine to ensure school readiness. The most comprehensive source of information on benefits for single parents can be found at the government website called

You can pool information and save time and effort by sharing ideas and problems.

If there is no one in your immediate locality then you have the option of a virtual community on the internet.

All of these might have useful information and tips on how to go about getting the help you need.

Networking with other single parents is probably one of the best resources available to you.

The care giver could be a parent, grand-parent or guardian as any of these could qualify for single parent benefits.Check with your local Child Services department if you are pregnant, you may be able to get help with vitamins and other health benefits, as well as cash.There are also facilities for prescriptions, vision tests and glasses, dental treatments and travel vouchers. In certain states you may qualify for food stamps or SNAP, which stands for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, so this is worth investigating.This could be provided at no cost to you if your income is below the specified level.Other state funded programs provide health care coverage or contribute towards the premiums of employer or private health insurance plans.

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