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Its step-by-step guidance can help participants build self-esteem and feel more comfortable in social situations.Laura told us she will tackle important issues like what to wear and what to say when meeting someone new.Wherever she goes, she does her best to make the dating scene a friendlier, healthier, and happier place.Her accessible and practical guidance has benefited singles of all ages.They’ll even take over their client’s dating site accounts and deliver potential matches to them, thus making online dating less stressful and time-consuming.Although Laura has been in the dating industry for a long time, she told us she continues to learn from her clients and grow her services to suit their needs.Single in the City will add this online course to its library of resources and services that support singles on the journey to love.

Laura founded Single in the City in 2002 to give Toronto singles dating resources they could rely on.Single in the City now encourages potential attendees to indicate their interest in prospective niche events.Singles can push a “notify me when available” button on TBD events for Christian singles, geeky singles, gay singles, and other types of daters.“Not all single men are comfortable booking one-on-one date coaching sessions with me,” Laura said, “so we wanted to make a one-stop shop for everything a guy needs to approach women with confidence.” In recent weeks, Laura and her team have begun developing a webinar-style program to inform and support men in the dating scene.This online program will be there for clients when they need it.

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