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If you join a Greek organization, you might end up becoming a part of the governing body of the sorority or fraternity.Most of these organizations elect presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, social chairpeople, and other representatives.GPA requirements for membership are common, and many sororities and fraternities take great pride in the academic accomplishments of their members.To join a fraternity or sorority, you will most likely have to go through the “rush” process, which is a recruitment period where you get to know the members and mutually decide whether your personality is a good match for the character of the group.

This tradition began with the formation of the first Greek-letter student society, Phi Beta Kappa Society, at the College of William and Mary in 1776.My sorority at Dartmouth had a partnership with an organization called WISE, which works in the local area to help victims of domestic abuse.Most Greek organizations are serious about academics as well.Since Washington and Lee only has around 2,300 students total, this makes for an extremely strong impact on the social scene.At the University of Georgia, about 23 percent of students are involved in Greek life within a population of over 27,000 undergraduates.

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