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The more she snoops, however, the more complicated the case becomes.

And now it seems the real murder is hot on her trail.

Meanwhile, Jaine’s chances of landing a cushy newsletter job with a local bank is put on hold as the case carries on.

To make matters worse, so too is her flirtation with the super hunky bank agent, at least until she can solve the case.

While the hostess was certainly distraught the night of the murder, Jaine wonders if there might be more to the case than meets the eye.

With Sue Ellen’s meanness a factor, there is no shortage of suspects and Jaine finds herself struggling to stay one step ahead of the real killer.When the object of his affection agrees to a date, Howard is thrilled, but his delight turns to terror when he finds his date blugeoned to death with a thighmaster. When Kandi ropes Jaine a writing job on a sitcom, it looks like everything is finally turning around.Naturally, the mild-mannered mama’s boy is arrested and charged with the murder, but Jaine is certain that there is more to the story. But Jaine’s nerves are put to the test as she attempts to sell her script and help see it produced on .Working as a freelance writer for such prestigious institutions as Toilet Masters Plumbing and Ackerman’s Awnings hasn’t exactly made her famous or wealthy, but it keeps her in chardonnay and Oreos. Between fluffing up pathetic resumes and creating new slogans for greater Los Angeles area businesses, Jaine works up a healthy appetite evading humiliating dating disasters, mastering creative math techniques on her check book, and finding a place to store the atrocious shopping network “booty” sent to her by her mother.Best friend Kandi is always handy with her latest ploy to find a man (notable examples include attending AA meetings and skydating) and dieting advice (who doesn’t want to hear how to lose five pounds from a size 2? Nosy but darling next door neighbor Lance has plenty of fashion assistance and a handy discount at the Neiman Marcus’ shoe counter.

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