Skype sex chatbot

It means significant reduction of costs and time savings.

Every Second Ego can act as native mobile application for i Phone or Android.

Second Ego conversations and variables can be send over email, can be written in your database, can talk with customers over Facebook Messenger and many more.

Or maybe a very complex questionnaire with instant analysis of results. Most of you will use Second Ego® to help you manage your sales or after sales support on a very cost effective way. In livechat mode he will help you with the knowledge he has, but also when administrator is not present he will still help people to better undestand your products or services.Check out our detailed article on setting up your chatbot for lead filtering.Learn more By looking for exact phrases or keywords in a conversation, your chatbot can provide answers to common questions that you might receive.Second Ego is able to learn from your live chat conversations.After certain period of time you will be able to let the chat on auto-pilot with less and less of live person interactions.

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