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There were finds in the 1820s and 1830s known to Europeans.

An historical marker next to the nearby Crystal Inn marks the almost forgotten phenomena which had farmers, geologists, and fortune hunters scurrying into the woods with picks and shovels in hopes of hauling out giant crystals that were reputedly fetching thousands of dollars even a 150 years ago!

This past summer [2012] I had the good fortune to meet Glenn Rhein of Amity, New York and to hear about his amazing mineral finds, particularly crystals that fluoresce under a short wave ultraviolet light emitter, on his property a stone's throw, excuse the pun, from where my own great grandparents, the Kiels, once owned a dairy, long known as the Feagles Farm, and where my grandmother and great aunts once traipsed fields that no doubt contained many samples of those same crystals some seventy to eighty years ago.

"Who knew that such treasures lay in the ground," was the response from my great aunt Louise (nee Kiel) when I shared some of the photos I had taken of Glenn's finds.

In fact, if you come on over to Museum Village, there is a rather large display of many of these crystals, albeit more modest specimens, that were collected right in the vicinity of Glenn's recent finds by the late amateur mineralogist and archeologist Jack Webster, who actually spurred many on in the area, including a group of Boy Scouts from Troop 45 back in 1976 that he wowed with some of his collection, including myself, and spurred on to spend a whole lot of time hunched over looking for projectile points after the desirable combination of a spring plowing and a light rain to more easily recognize them. Webster had a comprehensive collection of rocks and minerals from Orange County too, and a sampling of his collection has recently been unwrapped and been put out on display at Museum Village.

The estimate on the age of this crystals is somewhere in the 800 million years ago range, according to Glenn, who has been a quick study of a collection that most mineralogist would take a lifetime to acquire.

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The crystalline structure of some minerals cause them to glow.

The crystals may have been formed when our local Mount Adam and Eve, composed of granite, pushed through an existing marble belt forming the kind of stuff you find in plentitude in Franklin.

As Glenn went through a litany of identifications of these samples including "Augite, Phlogopite..." and the like, I realized all the homework I had if some of this find were to come to be on display at Museum Village.

Novelty black lights are actually long wave emitters, 315-400 nm, and, therefore, are ineffective for revealing mineral fluorescence.

The crystals discovered by Rhein have a long history associated with Amity's history.

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