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To mitigate that risk, Tele2 avoids offering unlimited mobile broadband, if market conditions allow.Instead, we offer tiered pricing based on both volume and speed.One of Tele2’s goals is to be the ultimate communications partner to the small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and their ’one-stop-shop’.The idea is that the SMEs should grow by being able to focus on their core business, while Tele2 takes care of their vital communications and IT needs.

We are quickly adapting to changed customer behaviours and needs, yet, a large share of our customers in some of our markets do not yet own a smartphone or heavily use the Internet on the mobile phone.

Being able to charge customers properly for increased data usage and volumes represents a challenge for operators.

In order to maintain a good customer experience, Tele2 allows customers to buy more data at full speed instead of being throttled or blocked.

This is expected to change over time as smartphone prices progressively come down.

Simplicity and improved user experience of the smartphone is driving increased adoption and usage of new mobile services.

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