Speed dating young people london

‘Most of the men also couldn’t hold down a conversation for the allotted seven minutes. While it’s superior to picking someone up at a bar, I don’t understand its advantage over online dating.

‘If I can shop through a meat-market of thousands of women for free, and from the comfort of my home, what’s the benefit of paying for speed dating?

‘Later, they both emerged looking very dishevelled.

His hair was all over the place, and her make-up was smudged.

Going home.” ‘This was my first and last foray into speed dating.’ ‘I’ve only been speed dating once but it was enough to cement my hatred for it. It was based around food, everyone sat in groups of six and had ten minutes to chat per course.‘At the start, there was an unexpected ice-breaker round.The host shouted out statements and if they applied to you, you had to step forward.She was pretty, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put a ‘yes’ next to her name.‘I’m not big on mummy issues.’ ‘I’ve been to over 40 speed dating nights.

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