Swtor companion dating

Naturally, they won't be as effective or durable as a human player, but their presence means that a teammate going linkdead or quitting in a huff doesn't necessarily end a run.There's much, much more concerning companions in the game, but these 10 points should provide you with the foundation to understanding your digital adventuring buddies.So don't expect to see your first companion until a bit into your class' prologue storyline.For instance, when I played the Trooper, it wasn't until I was about ready to leave my starter planet that the storyline finally gave me my first minion.

These can give you neat ways to make your companion look the part that he, she or it was born to play! Companions can be brought in as pinch hitters to fill a role if a group is short a member or loses one.

If your companion is using certain skills that are causing you grief, you can toggle these skills on and off to prevent their automatically being used.

It's pretty easy: Expand your companion's skill bar (the little plus sign) then right-click to turn off automatic usage. You don't have to be doing all the dirty work and tedious chores -- that's what companions are for (well, one of the reasons)!

Companions are also invaluable when it comes to the gathering, crafting, and mission systems, otherwise known as "crew skills." Companions in the field can be ordered to harvest a resource, and those back on the ship can be instructed to craft items and head off on potentially beneficial missions. Romances aren't possible with all of your companions, and as of right now, they're opposite-gender relationships only.

You can even tell your ship-bound companions to do this from afar; it is a high-tech society, after all. It's important to note that each companion has two crew skills bonuses, and these change from companion to companion. Romances won't come flying at you from the beginning; as in any real-world dating situation, there's going to be some lead-up to the point at which you'll be rubbing noses and making up sickening nicknames for your one-and-only.

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