Symposium on uses of radioactive carbon dating

(2c) Related to number two is the assumption that the production of carbon 14 has continued steady all this time, and this implies that its decay, on a worldwide basis, is in balance with its production.

(3) That any living thing, plant or animal, incorporates radiocarbon in its tissues while it is alive; then, after its death, the activity decreases mathematically according to the natural radioactive decay; it does not pick up radiocarbon through contact with younger materials, nor lose it by exchanging atoms with older carbon.

It is most useful for dating things made of wood, charcoal and plant or animal fibers.

Its workable range goes back more than 10,000 years.

This process also is reversible, although it may take fifty years.

Mineral carbonate in the rocks is, of course, not considered to be part of the exchange reservoir.

Do the assumptions still look as well-founded as they did then?Now there are some samples taken from ancient men’s houses and hearths that, according to the radiocarbon dates, are more than 6,000 years old.Such findings conflict with the Bible chronology, according to which the first man was created only 6,000 years ago. Has the increased refinement and apparent success of the radiocarbon clock made the Bible chronology obsolete?For example, a piece of wood 7,000 years old according to the ring count may give a radiocarbon age of only 6,000 years.So the 1,000 years is applied as a correction to be added to the radiocarbon age of any sample from that era.

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