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Sometimes I sit back and think and remember the day’s when I was in love ( and loved ), do you remember ?It feels so long ago, when you have been hurt, you try not remember.Either way, disappointment and frustration have been the result. You’ve put yourself out there, and gotten nothing but rejection and discouragement for your troubles. I am sorry that this experience has either vindicated or disappointed you (depending on which type you were). There may come a time when she will be glad to hear you tell her she’s pretty. How would you feel if someone ignored the painstaking effort you had taken in trying to translate your being into a dating profile, and merely commented, “!!! I know guys will never understand that particular breed of frustration, but just take my word for it. What looks just fine to you might impress your matches as inadequate, boring, or careless. This is the worst possible angle you could ever photograph yourself from. But I’m not just here to pat you on the head and say, you’d been hoping for, well… As a decent single woman, it chafes to hear men complain that there aren’t any decent single women out there. If, on the other hand, your woes spring from the disinterest of potential mates, please read on. Allow me to address your three likeliest problem areas. Message quality/winking, smiling, poking or whatever Most dating services provide some sort of option to wink, or smile, or nudge another user. Maybe a girl can get away with it as a way to indicate her interest without being overly forward (I don’t know, you tell me). Be very careful how you compliment a lady, if you’re going to do it. If you are going to describe yourself as “laid back”, “easy going”, and/or “fun loving”, you should know that at least 95% of other guys are saying the exact same thing.

letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting there are things that simply cannot be.

If your profile photo is you with an infant or child that is not yours? If your photo combines more than one of any of these sins? Most importantly, your picture(s) should show you as you are.

The only exception is if you happen to be swimming with dolphins in said photo. It is extra bad if the cropped individual is female. Photos taken outdoors or in interesting locations are a great choice.

I sit and wonder what it was all about , who we used to be.

Experience teaches us all, we are all just seeking that special someone that won’t give up on us, if you are having a hard time letting go, you have to realize that if they wanted to stay they would still be there.

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