Tech cofounder dating

Or maybe they simply want to reach new markets with i OS and Android apps.From our experience of launching dozens of apps here at Radial, we have developed some standards for production-ready apps.

A year into building a startup, many non-technical founding teams regret not having a technical co-founder.

The hacker who has experience working on both focal planes, on the other hand, knows how much she is worth and will not join a project cheaply.

In the “founder dating” model, you either find someone who can’t get the job done, and needs to be replaced once you have the resources to do so, or you find someone who can get the job done, but will demand far more than the true market value of the technology. The best advice that I’ve ever gotten as an entrepreneur is to focus on your core competence, and to outsource everything else. If you’re building a market opportunity by using commodity technology, you should treat that technology as a commodity. Then hire developers, or a firm (ahem, Radial Development Group) with a track record of delivery to execute your plan. And if you’re a hacker who has would-be CEOs pitching you with their genius idea, asking you to work for them, in exchange for a piece of the long-term pie, don’t forget: If the idea is great, the CEO ought to be able to raise the money to pay you at market rate, instead of some long-term theoretical payout that resembles a lottery ticket.

My name is Naama Katan I am an Industrial and Management Engineer and I’m looking to join a startup as Co-Founder.

In 2010, I started my third startup, as a technical founder with the Tech Stars Boulder company Invited Home (at the time, we were Vacation Rental

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