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(In fact the most newsworthy thing about it could be why the company chose to disclose the breach today of all days!

) Coffee Meets Bagel says it’s now taking several steps to better protect its community going forward, including the hiring of forensic security experts to audit its systems and infrastructure, and its vendor and external systems.

But on the flip side, getting passed on Crown is going to be a lot more of an obvious “no,” which could be discouraging.

Giving users a never-ending list of possible matches on Tinder, then, isn’t helping people feel like they have options – it’s overloading the brain. There are today several thousand users on the app, and it’s organically growing, Chen says.

While turning matchmaking into a game feels a bit dehumanizing – maybe even more so than on Tinder, with its Hot-or-Not-inspired vibe – the team says Crown actually increases the odds, on average, of someone being selected, compared with traditional dating apps. Plus, Crown is seeing day-over-day retention rates which are “already as strong” as Match Group’s other apps, we’re told.

The email keeps most details about the situation vague, saying only that some data from users’ accounts “may” have been acquired by a third-party who gained access to a partial list of user details.

It doesn’t say how that breach occurred, or how many users were affected.

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