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One event which can be used quite often for this type of check is the Exit event.

Before we look at the Exit event though, it is important that we understand fully the meaning of the term Focus.

For cases like these, the decision is relatively simple.

It would make no sense to allow the user to type in a string of text only then to inform him/her later on that the entry is not valid.

The default events for most controls is the Click event or the Change event.

The quickest and easiest way to find out the default event for a particular control is to place it on a User Form and then simply double-click it.

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If you haven't already guessed, the reason why it would be no good is because the validation check would fire as soon as any entry is made into the Text Box.

While this would be the logical way to validate a Wizard, it may not be the case for another type of User Form.

As you are now aware, each control that we place on to a User Form has its own set of events.

The object that "has the focus" is normally indicated by a highlighted caption or title bar.

The focus can be set by the user or by the application.

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