The dating go round linda bolea dating

There’s no doubt that the dating merry go ‘round can get frustrating and can even make you start doubting your ability to find someone you genuinely connect with. Try implementing some of the changes we discussed and join a dating site today.Who knows, maybe the true love you’ve been searching for is just a few clicks away! Instead, I’m just a girl constantly putting herself out there in search for the elusive unicorn, with a heavy heart of let-downs, rejections and what seems like constant false hope. Living the cycle of swiping, liking, matching, talking, meeting, getting confused and then abruptly ending has become the expected pattern of my love life.It is hardly something to aspire to, but it’s also something I know I only have a 50% say in. If you want that unicorn, don’t chase donkeys (or for those in the PG camp, a**es). Be the real, amazing you and keep living your best life. You always meet the same kinds of people who are looking for the same things and no matter how hard you try there’s nothing you can do to break the cycle.This can be not only time consuming but also expensive and disheartening particularly if you are genuinely looking for love and a serious relationship.So, I started the day with a text from my bestie: ‘I hate dating and men.’ Rash, but valid. I ended my day with a phone call from the guy I’d been seeing for a month, who had ended our ‘relationship.’ Once again, in just under three months, I’d been completely blindsided. Cue me consoling her, praising her for putting herself out there and analyzing the ‘red flags’ together before getting on with my busy day.

Just like most things in life, if you do the same thing over and over again more often than not, you will get the exact same result. If you are always at the same bars, mingle with the same groups of people, date the same kinds of people you will likely get the same result time after time.

We all have an image of our perfect match in mind when we’re looking for love but the key is to not be so set on what you want that you let true love pass you by because they didn’t have the right hair colour, weren’t interested in the right types of things or didn’t like the same foods.

Our tip is to have 2 or 3 ‘non-negotiables’, the things that really matter to you and to be flexible on the rest.

Again, this is where a dating site can really help.

The ability to scroll through multiple user profiles with information available from appearance and lifestyle factors to cultural values and hobbies can help you establish exactly what is out there and what you might be searching for.

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