Things to do when dating a girl

Make sure that all are comfortable in hunting around a cemetary.A note on these: Cemetaries are sacred places, make sure you act accordingly You can make up a scavenger hunt for almost any holiday or season! Have a sound scavenger tape or tape record different sounds: a train horn, a cash register, a toilet flushing.If you’re planning on dating a Korean girl, there are some general dating practices and tips you should be aware of beforehand.While every girl is different, in general many Korean girls have similar expectations when dating and will utilize similar dating rituals and techniques.You’re not alone — Korean women are absolutely sought after, and for good reason!While obviously everyone is different, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of beautiful, intelligent, interesting Korean women around the world, so more than likely you’ll fall pretty hard for a Korean woman at some point in your life.Join up as a group and have a number assigned to each basket.

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Then take that item in exchange for the pencil to the next home.

Make sure to get a signature of the sales clerk after finding or doing each item on the list! Go to the sunglass store and find the most expensive pair of sunglasses, go into a particular store and sing "We wish You A Merry Christmas"-get a signature, see how many times your date can go up and down the escalator in 1 minute, go into the arcade-spend .25 and see how many tickets you can get, etc.) then they went and had fun pictures taken at the mall.

Go on a Video Scavenger hunt: Assign each team a video camera ( 2 teams) and a list of things they have to video tape.

For example you could volunteer at the library to do storytelling for a hour.

Doing service together is a great way to learn about each other without feeling self-conscious. Learning how to juggle or rollerblade or draw as a date activity are examples of some things you might try. Watching a movie is not very creative and can end up being expensive too.

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