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I’m sure I posted a photo in one of the dashcam threads.

Sorry can’t help much at the moment I have the 522gw, fitted by Halford and am very pleased with it.

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Yes, I've done a fair bit of research these last few days/nights and I've pretty much confused myself with all the different types so I'm looking for some straight, no nonsense advice which I'm sure you guys are very well placed to offer I have the 522gw, fitted by Halford and am very pleased with it.

I didn’t have the rear view cam fitted for no other reason that can’t afford it at the moment.

They have fitted a couple of ferrite cores as suggested by Nextbase but still no good. is it all down to the routing of the cable to the rear camera ?

I am at the point of wanting a total refund (also had lots of other problems with the front 522 camera and am on camera number 3 now). Hi guys and gals, I too am looking to replace my old Transcend Drivepro 200 1080p 160deg wide angle lens dash cam for a more up-to-date one that also has a parking function (able to record dings in doors etc when ignition key out and vehicle locked) and a rear camera (ideally a duo so the inside and side areas are also in view of the camera).

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