Tips dating gemini men

He figures if he’s committed to you; it shouldn’t make a difference. That means that when he gets bored and is looking for other stimuli; he may flirt with other women or could go ahead and cheat.When you’re talking to him; he may get distracted and lose track of where you are.He’s great at giving advice or helping you bounce around ideas.Whether you want to talk about movies, books, friends, or some other area that you both like; he’ll always be filled with knowledge, information, and opinions. This guy is always sure to be the life of the party.Eventually you’ll want to bridge the gap and by the time you do; he’ll also possibly be ready to take things to the next level. Gemini men require lots and lots of attention, stimuli, and excitement. If he starts to get bored in a relationship; he can sometimes get the “wandering eye” going on.For him it’s the perfect way to get to know each other without being too close. He’ll constantly look for ways to get out of his bored stupor.While this doesn’t sound romantic; the Gemini man follows logic rather than emotion.

He’ll have a hard time coping with not flirting with others but it CAN be done.

However; when you catch him flirting with other women, eyeballing other women like candy, or paying too much attention to others; you’ll be frustrated.

He isn’t the jealous type so he doesn’t understand why you would feel its wrong for him to flirt with other women.

He’s the type of guy that you have to love him “as is” if you want to keep his companionship.

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