Tips dating recovering addict

Ideally, a home should be completely emptied of any substances that could be intoxicating.

If your family has always kept alcohol or other substances on hand for social events or special occasions, it may be necessary for everyone to make a lifestyle change to support a loved one during recovery.

Even though your family member may have successfully completed treatment, the consequences of addiction could continue to affect the rest of the family for a long time.

As a result of the addiction, you may face ongoing hardships, such as: In most cases, drug use significantly changes the lives of all those close to the addict – none more so than the immediately family. Many drug and alcohol treatment facilities provide education for family members on topics such as how addiction works and how to handle stress.

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Search by Country, State, City or zip code and then narrow down your search further to your own 12 Step Program.Keeping someone in recovery away from the temptation of using is essential, especially in the first year of recovery.This is why many people prefer inpatient rehab programs; they get the addict away from the environment in which they were using.These programs are key to restoring the health of the family unit after addiction.The entire family needs to be involved in the treatment as well as the recovery process.

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