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Such behavior may negatively impact workplace camaraderie and productivity.

If a co-worker habitually is rude and makes meetings unbearable, follow some tips to combat the bullying behavior.

Do not hesitate when responding to a bully during a meeting.

If you respond quickly and confidently, the bully probably will remove you from her short list of targets.

If the bully sees that the two of you agree on certain aspects of a topic, he may reel in his bullying behavior and participate in a civilized discussion.

Your seat at the meeting table may dictate a bully's behavior.Bullying runs rampant in schools and group environments, and even the workplace is unable to escape the scourge of badgering and intimidating figures.Workplace bullies may hit their peak "charm" in meetings, during which they interrupt, belittle or humiliate co-workers with professional or personal ammunition.Your close proximity may turn the tables on the bully, who may feel too intimidated to carry out her bullying behavior toward you.With the bully's sights not set on you, you may be more willing to participate in the meeting and not worry that you'll be her target.

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