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Last year, the TV One network teamed aired the successful reality series ‘Donald J.

Madeiros, who spent 17 years as Leno’s head writer (and 21 years total writing for Leno) has turned filmmaker with “The Missing Piece,” a documentary that explores the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre in Paris — which went unsolved for two years until Italian immigrant housepainter Vincenzo Peruggia was nabbed for the theft (he kept the painting in his room in Paris for over two years). On DVD: “Fanboy and Chum Chum: Brain Freeze,” which is out Aug.

The release of the documentary commemorates the 100th anniversary of the theft, which occurred on Aug. Speaking of century-mark commemorations, TV icon Lucille Ball would have turned 100 this Saturday, Aug. The Paley Center has a slew of Ball-related programming and screenings running through Oct. Jonesing for FX’s “Sons of Anarchy,” which returns Sept. There’s an app for that, which will be available Sept.

30 called “We Love Lucy: Screenings @ the Paley Center.” Their Web site,, has more info. Award-winning directors Steven Sebring (“Patty Smith: Dream of Life”), Spiro Carras (“Ratatouille”) and Jonas Elrod (“Wake Up”), along with Romano Barnett (“Project Runway”), will choose Best Picture from the inaugural Alphabet City Dolly Film Festival (Aug. daily in a bevy of East Village locales ( .

Harvey explains that he went to school for eight years so that he could help people in an attempt to get George to cooperate, but then his attention is drawn away as he notices your arrival.

Harvey says you shouldn't be there because it is a private session, but George stops you from leaving by asking for a second opinion on the matter.

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