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As well as this, when 3 evil roots are present, the fourth will respawn slower.

It takes at least one minute for new roots to regrow on each side.

This can be checked by right-clicking and examining or inspecting the tree.

The number of players that need 100% to kill the evil tree depends on the total number of players cutting the tree.

Different levels are required to cut and burn different tree types; see table below.

Chopping the evil tree and roots earns Woodcutting experience; lighting kindling gives Firemaking experience, both at the base of the evil tree while alive, and at the bonfire once the tree has died.

The evil tree is a Distractions and Diversions available to both members and free-to-play players, that can be done twice daily, resetting at UTC.

The evil tree spawns approximately two hours after the death of the previous tree, which is world-dependent.

If you have a Rune hatchet and a Red topaz machete in the inventory or tool belt, your character will automatically use the machete to cut the roots, indicating that it works better.

He can also provide low-level tools if you've forgotten yours.

The evil tree can be killed by chopping at it with a hatchet and lighting fires at its base.

The purpose of the event is to kill the Evil tree, after which the player is rewarded; see below.

There are seven types of evil trees and 25 possible locations.

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