True blood sookie and bill dating

While she hasn’t accepted his proposal to become his eternal faerie-vampire bride, she’s considered it in exchange for him giving his blood to Bill to save the vamps.“True Blood’s” sixth season came to a close Sunday with episode 10, “Radioactive.” The season finale picked up after Terry’s funeral with Alcide and Sookie going for a stroll through the cemetery.While she did promise herself to Warlow, she tells the hybrid vampire that “a lot has changed.”“You’ve been gone for four hours,” he tells her, confused.Sookie’s not trying to break things off completely with him, but with the threat gone she doesn’t see the rush to turn into a vampire and spend eternity with him.

At first, she didn’t know that Ben was Warlow and was clearly crushin’ hard on her fellow faerie.Like Warlow last season, Niall reaches through the portal to grab him, giving Jason enough time to grab a stake and drive it through Warlow’s heart.Warlow meets the true death, and Jason and Sookie grab their grandfather and drag him back into their world.5.But Bill doesn’t have Lilith’s power anymore and is no match for the hybrid faerie.Jason and Violet manage to get Sookie back to her house, but Warlow has access to the home.

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