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If the player refuses to perform the dare, they pay some sort of penalty.The key to a good game of truth or dare is in the availability of good truth questions, fun dares, and a like minded group of people who are uninhibited and ready to have a great time.Remember, this isn’t you trying to direct the most x rated movie you can think of – its’ about being honest, open, and with each other.You want to A) have fun with each other and B) learn more about what turns each other on (2).

Don’t bog it down with anything negative, unpleasant, or serious.So instead, drop the suggestion early that you want to play later that night…after you’ve both had a chance to have some drinks and get a little tipsy and loosened up.So now, all that’s left is writing the truths and dares!Truth or Dare is a classic party game played by all ages and backgrounds.

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