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If a field is hidden for the A container for a set of releases and iterations, and their related user stories and tasks.

In CA Agile Central, it is helpful to think of projects as work areas for teams.

Tasks with a of In-Progress and Defined display in the continued story. Tasks associated with the split story are parented to the stories under which they are listed.

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Splitting a story causes two entries on the Release Scope Change report.In addition to fixing the start and end points of timeboxes, teams typically also fix the resources available within the timebox. If you do not remove the historical story from the feature parent, that feature's scope will be artificially inflated.The feature's burnup will never achieve 100% acceptance due to the unfinished work in the list of child user stories.If this becomes a common occurrence, the team should consider two preventive measures: Sometimes blockages can be avoided and other times they cannot.Always include blocked items as part of your iteration retrospective so that you have an opportunity to improve your process and communication for the next iteration.

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