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Causative genetic variants have been identified as SIX1 and EYA1, accounting for approximately 49% of all cases of BOR syndrome.Short stature has not commonly been described in BOR syndrome, but is associated with oculo-facial-cervical syndrome and oculoauriculovertebral syndrome, which have demonstrated allelism with BOR due to mutations involving the EYA1 gene.

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It has been deduced therefrom that as a], however, exhibiting a positive deviation from the ideal defect behavior.

The latter is attributed to the positive deviation of holes due to their degeneracy.

By taking into appropriate account of the activity coefficient of holes in terms of the Fermi-Dirac integral of order 1/2, the nonstoichiometry and electrical conductivity have been precisely and consistently depicted to evaluate the defect-chemical parameters including the effective mass and mobility of holes and the redox equilibrium constant.

The phase-stability limit of γ-Na Wonhyo Joo and Han-Ill Yoo, "Nonstoichiometry and defect structure of γ-Nax Co O2" in "Nonstoichiometric Compounds VII", ECI Symposium Series, (2019).

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