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This helps with easy online software updates, which are necessary to get the best Blu-ray experience.

During testing, the BD-P1400 delivered a pleasing picture containing a full range of visual response with both high-definition and upconverted standard-definition sources. Because it lacks videophile-grade processing for problematic titles, its skill at upconverting regular DVD videos to HD resolution is average at best.

Properly authored videos (most DVD movies) played perfectly, but the BD-P1400 stumbled at detecting the pattern of 24-frame-per-second material (most film and digital cinema-based sources) that was authored or edited in a nonstandard fashion—on tape, for instance.

By contrast, the Samsung BD-UP5000 features an HQV-based video processor that offers superior performance when playing this type of content.

To be fair, Sharp's BD-HP20U was slower, averaging 67 seconds, and the Sony BDP-S300 averaged 64 seconds.

The interval between powering up and the tray extending fully was impressively quick, though: 19 seconds.

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