Updating capes

While coptering may be gone, the new system should allow for even more creative ways to use the environment to your advantage (stamina is also dead, yay! And as with every major update comes a new Warframe, this time is a Warframe that has the ability to shift between day and night forms. This new tileset actually incorporates the Arcwing to be used under water, not just in space.There are new additional maps to the conclave as well if you're into that.An installer script exists to help compile and install from source.

Update 17 has just gone live and with it comes the all new Parkour 2.0 system.Players can choose to skip this tutorial, or replay it from the Advanced Movement menu in the Training section of the Codex.The following features have been added to Warframe’s movement system: Uranus Mission nodes have been given a total overhaul with the new Grineer Underwater Lab tileset.With this expansion come unique Missions that require players to swap back and forth between their Archwing in order to access (and traverse) the hostile underwater environment that has kept these labs hidden for so long.Players must have an equippable Archwing in order to access these Missions.

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