Updating charts transas 5000

It is possible to observe the surrounding circumstance both "as from bridge" and "as from bridge wings".

Sun angle shading All the objects in the scene (including the sea surface and excluding the lights) have sun angle-shading, that takes into account the height and azimuth of the Sun and the orientation of the object.

Water with true three-dimensional waves, which respond to the wind, current, the Beaufort scale numbers and the motion of Own ship accordingly.

All visual presentation parameters of the water surface can be pre-set or dynamically changed from the instructor workstation.

The intensity and size of the light change according to the observer's geographical position, visibility and range of visibility of the light, daytime and date.

Target Targets are traffic vessels, helicopters, routed clouds, people in lifeboats, floating objects, etc.

The success of Transas in the simulation market is to a large extent due to the superior quality and accuracy of the hydrodynamic ownship and target ship models incorporated in the simulators.

The instructor can set the task complexity level, change ship types and design for each exercise and keep a training progress log.

Navi-Trainer shiphandling simulators from Transas provide a unique combination of advanced software, standard PC software and hardware, and optionally simulated or real onboard equipment.

All Transas simulators feature modular-designed architecture and are extremely flexible in terms of both the composition of exercises and the number of workplaces required by the user.

The visualisation shows all the stages of mooring, towing and search and rescue operations, making the simulator an exclusively efficient means of training in special sections of seamanship.

A visual scene content includes: Sky Sky with clouds and atmospheric effects including haze, fog, rain or snow.

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