Updating compaq presario 1200us hardrive

After decades of systems using BIOS, malware has become more sophisticated, where it is even possible for malicious code to easily infect key operating system code such as the Master Boot Record.Because of the variety of brands and configurations, and the ongoing revisions to these systems, this article is not exhaustive.

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If it seems like your computer boots too fast for you to get a chance to hit the button, you may need to disable fast startup.After selecting the appropriate option, you will need to confirm these changes; pressing F10 will usually save them.If not, read the on-screen instructions, which will identify the appropriate function key for saving or accepting changes.Once you’ve found the menu, the interface will present menus displaying the structure of your boot order.Boot order determines which devices your computer will try to boot from first, second, etc. Most often, your first boot device is your hard disk or SSD containing Windows 10.

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