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Still, most owners of the original Eee PC 4G use modified display drivers to scale 1000 x 600 or higher resolutions on the original Eee PC …

so this higher resolution screen isn’t as impressive as it could be.

The bezel around the screen on the Eee PC 900 is much thinner than the thick bezel on the original Eee PC and the speakers have been relocated to the bottom of the notebook.

Speaker output quality is good, but because of the location of the speakers the sound is quite muffled when you’re using the Eee PC 900 as a “laptop.” Keyboard and Touchpad Most low-priced notebooks currently on the market feature poorly built keyboards that show significant flex/bounce when typing pressure is applied.

The chassis seams match up with reasonably tight tolerances, plastics feel thick (though the pearl-like white plastics look cheap) and the display hinges are molded into body with the battery.

Overall, the Eee PC 900 is almost identical to the original Eee PC.

Much to our surprise, the keyboard on the Eee PC 900 (like the original Eee PC) is remarkably firm, though the keys are small and have a large degree of “wiggle” when pressed.

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While this might not be the most impressive resolution we’ve seen, it’s much nicer than the native 800 x 480 resolution on the original Eee PC 4G.

Of course, once I got used to typing on the tiny keyboard the keys felt just fine …

but this keyboard isn’t designed to be used as a primary/main computer.

For users who would buy this notebook as their “main computer” in their home or office, a full-size keyboard and external mouse are recommended.

() The touchpad and single button (with left and right “rocker” buttons underneath) are easy to use and responsive.

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