Updating facebook status via sms

You may have found this article by searching for “Facebook hack codes,” but there’s really no such thing.

The rules change so often that one “hack code” that works today may not work tomorrow.

When you have a friend’s Facebook album opened on the page, just click the extension icon and click the Normal button.

Now, all you have to do to post a status update to your Facebook wall is send an SMS of the post to the Facebook SMS number.Or maybe you’ll be playing hooky from work, but you want your colleagues and boss to think you’re stuck at home sick. First, let’s say you want five emails to go out this week. First, you’ll create an IFTTT recipe based on the IFTTT mail trigger. You can either choose to send a link message or a static status message.You can accomplish any of these wishes by using IFTTT to schedule your customized Facebook status updates. Either one will work so long as you include the link in the email body for the linked post.This is similar to the old keyboard trick where someone in an office would run over to someone else’s computer and press Ctrl Alt Down to rotate the computer screen upside down.You can do a similar thing on Facebook by selecting the upside-down language under someone’s Facebook account.

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