Updating firmware for cd dvd burners Free singlesex chat

If you have a Pioneer retail or OEM DVD-RW drive, a firmware upgrade (see details) can literally be a matter of life and death to your drive.

Several Pioneer DVD-RW drive models, including the DVR-A03, 103, A04, and 104 models, as well as the DVR-7000 and PRV-9000 standalone recorders can be damaged or destroyed if they attempt to write to high-speed DVD-RW/R media (4x DVD-R, 2x DVD-RW speeds) before the firmware update is installed.

Get them from the software vendor (see the list of major vendors at the end of this article), or use the software provided with the drive.

If you are trying to use an OEM version of a program with a different drive model than the original, you will also need an update from the software vendor.

In my book, Upgrading and Repairing PCs, and in my training classes I frequently emphasize the importance of motherboard BIOS upgrades.

For example, one of my associates has a Plextor CD-RW drive with a maximum CD-R writing speed of 40x.When you drive does not recognize media, try the following. Be sure that your media is clean, unused, and the recommended media from your burner's manufacturer. Most drive manufacturers regularly update their firmware and drivers.Try a different brand, preferably a name brand, if you continue to have problems. This drive performed flawlessly and achieved speeds of 30x and faster when writing to green-gold media brands such as Philips and Imation.However, when using azo blue/silver Verbatim media, performance sank to an average of 10x or less.

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