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" menu, gives you access to "Go Home" (a location that you travel to/from frequently), "Favorites," or "Recent Selections." You can edit the name of any of your Favorites and assign a map display icon from an available list of 117. " options are, we were disappointed that there was no simple way to save your current location as a Favorite.

If you touch that tab during navigation, the c330 will display turn-by-turn directions and a mini-map for each leg of your trip.

Most of these categories have subcategories that help you further refine your search.

For example, touching the food icon brings up a number of food types, including American, Asian, Bagel/Donut, and Barbecue.

For more detailed information, a touch of the speed/ETA tab will bring up a comprehensive trip computer, displaying your overall average speed, moving average speed, maximum speed, total time, moving time, and stopped time.

This screen also displays current direction, an analog/digital speedometer, and your total trip distance since the previous reset. " icon on the main screen brings up a submenu of icons for food, lodging, fuel, intersections, attractions, shopping, parking, entertainment, recreation, community, cities, hospitals, transit, auto services, and parking.

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