Updating garmin maps

There’s a tiny bit of work to get the maps requested, which then puts you into a queue where your map request is processed and ultimately a link e-mailed to you a few hours later. Then there’s a few more minutes to copy the maps to your expansion card. I’ve tested all three Edge units using a variety of cards from 4GB to a highest capacity 32GB cards.

Of course, there’s no reason you need to sit there and watch paint dry. I had no issues there with the latest firmware on any of them.

So instead you need to purchase more detailed maps, typically at a cost of -0 per region/area.

Obviously with such completely useless maps, you’re not going to be able to navigate very far – or very accurately.

You'd have to order your update on CD, DVD, or SD card and wait for it to arrive in the mail.

These days, fresh map data is often only a download away, but that doesn't make it any less of a pain in the butt.

Some smaller maps may fit directly on your Edge device, but only if you’re talking a fairly small area.

For me, I like to load up maps for anywhere nearby I might ride.

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