Updating gem os x

Each application can be upgraded to Bundler 2 whenever it makes the most sense for that particular application to upgrade.If you try to use Bundler 1 on an application that requires Bundler 2, you’ll see an error message explaining that you need to install Bundler 2. If you try to use Bundler 2 on an application that needs Bundler 1, and you also don’t have Bundler 1 installed at all, you’ll see an error message asking you to install Bundler 1.Rails is revised frequently and you’ll likely need more than one version.Don’t simply replace an old version of Rails with another.You can verify this by reading the lockfile, looking for the section named .Many Ruby developers have more than one application on their machines.

Here’s an example that was created with Bundler 1.17.1.

Rails is actively maintained by a large community of developers, which means constant innovation, improvements, and attention to security.

You must actively and regularly maintain your Rails applications.

Upgrade your Rails applications whenever a new version of Rails is released.

If you neglect to update regularly, upgrading several versions at once may require considerable effort, making it difficult to resolve security vulnerabilities quickly.

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