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This step is generally optional and many organizations skip this step by putting additional controls in the process.If this feature is enables then the journal cannot be posted unless it has been approved.Accounting prudence requires that all financial transactions should be reviewed by someone other than the person creating the transaction.Approval ensures validity and correctness of the transaction.In that case you need to follow the accounting principles and the steps explained in accounting process.At this stage the journals are entered in the system and available for further processing, but they have not impacted the general ledger account balances yet.All transactions must be posted to the ledger at the end of an accounting period.

I would like to start by saying that I do not normally advocate updating Dynamics GP data directly in SQL Server.

One way to determine financial progress of any organization is to look at the profit gained by a business.

Once you have the account balances and transactional data available in the system they need to be formatted to meaningful information that can help users understand the financial history as well as equip them to take informed decisions.

Once the Journal is available in the General Ledger System you can query the journals that have been created.

While reviewing the journal, you can make edits/corrections if required.

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