Updating id3 tag information with itunes

In my music gallery, there're lots of songs, with incorrect artist, albums or genre names.

So is there a way that allows me to automatically correct these info, or at least fill up the missing info?

Know that this will cause i Tunes to lose track of where all of these files are; meaning you will have to re-add them to the library (manually), which will take you hours and which may mean you will lose play counts and any other information that i Tunes keeps in its own library. Click "Next" (or Cmd N/Ctrl N on the keyboard) repeatedly, until you've passed the last track.

This will be much slower than the first method (especially if you're letting i Tunes manage your library), but it will work in i Tunes 10.

This guide explains how to correct and update the tags of your music in your i Tunes from Music Brainz using Picard.

Please read everything and check that this method will work for you before you begin.

Music Tagger automatically updates the Media Store Database when changes have been made to files to ensure changes reflect on all other media applications.

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info, by recording a few seconds of a song from any source.

This usually affects embedded artwork, or anything with ID3 frames bigger than 32k B. This means you will get the same result as using Picard's "Renaming/Moving Files" capability but without making i Tunes lose track of where all your songs are.

To "fix" this problem, or play safe, always use Picard's default setting of ID3v2.3 tags in the options (and i Tunes also). If you really really want to use Picard to rename/move your files.

In i Tunes, the tags are mainly used to categorize your music, display information for the files, sort the files and be used by Smart Playlist. Directly highlight a song and click once to editing tag one by one.

Plus, i Tunes also allows you to edit the tag informations with the built-in info editor.

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