Updating java runtime

Java software allows you to run applications called "applets" that are written in the Java programming language.

These applets allow you to have a much richer experience online than simply interacting with static HTML pages.

See JDK-8208350Change: Removal of Several Symantec Root CAs The following Symantec root certificates are no longer in use and have been removed: Symantecequifaxsecureca DN: OU=Equifax Secure Certificate Authority, O=Equifax, C=USequifaxsecureglobalebusinessca1DN: CN=Equifax Secure Global e Business CA-1, O=Equifax Secure Inc., C=USequifaxsecureebusinessca1DN: CN=Equifax Secure e Business CA-1, O=Equifax Secure Inc., C=USverisignclass1g3ca DN: CN=Veri Sign Class 1 Public Primary Certification Authority - G3, OU="(c) 1999 Veri Sign, Inc.

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JDK-8204901 (not public)Change: Disabled all DES TLS Cipher Suites DES-based TLS cipher suites are considered obsolete and should no longer be used.DES-based cipher suites have been deactivated by default in the Sun JSSE implementation by adding the "DES" identifier to the disabled Algorithms security property.These cipher suites can be reactivated by removing "DES" from the disabled Algorithms security property in the java.security file or by dynamically calling the Property() method.Security restrictions are easily imposed on the sandbox.Many cross platform applications also require Java to operate properly.

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