Updating jcm 145

As the data is urgently required by the Commission for Sub-Categorization of OBC Officers, the concerned Ministries/Departments are once again requested to take up immediate necessary steps for updating the information, in the CSCMS portal compulsorily, by 18th of January, 2019 (Friday).The Nodal Officers of concerned Ministry/Department are authorized to update the data in CSCMS portal. The boost in useable power for Tesla’s current-generation Superchargers, from 120 k W to 145 k W, will gradually be unlocked for over 12,000 V2 stations worldwide.Photos shared on Reddit show a Tesla Model 3 on firmware version 2019.7.11 achieving a 147 k W peak charge at 600 mi/hr from a V2 Supercharger in Petaluma, California.

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