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In November 2017, FAO decided to develop an updated land cover dataset, with the objective to produce baseline georeferenced information to serve applications within a portfolio of projects: The reasons for updating land cover mapping in South Sudan are numerous.Although no systematic work has been conducted in recent years, displacement of people related to civil unrest is frequent and commonly results in increased pressure on natural resources, with deforestation and degradation of woodlands for biofuel production and land conversion to agriculture.

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"With the MODIS land cover product we can determine current vegetation in detail for each square kilometer; for example, whether there is mature vegetation, clear cutting, a new fire scar, or agricultural crops.In 2011, FAO published the “Land Cover Atlas of the Republic of South Sudan”, based on the integration of Landsat (dating from circa 2000 and circa 2005-2007) and SPOT images (circa 2006-2008).The dataset, developed within the “Sudan Institutional Capacity Programme: Food Security Information for Action” (SIFSIA) funded by the European Union, in collaboration with the Government of South Sudan, received a positive consensus but it was rarely used for effective national land use planning."With data collected over several years," says Friedl, "we will be able to create maps that highlight global-scale changes in vegetation and land cover in response to climate change, such as drought.We'll also be establishing the timing of seasonal changes in vegetation, defining when important transitions take place, such as the onset of the growing season." Launched December 18, 1999, Terra is the flagship of the Earth Observing System series of satellites and is a central part of NASA's Earth Science Enterprise.

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