Updating opera web browser info

Java Script is a scripting language used to add functions to pages, such as manipulating browser windows. To change Java Script settings: Click the Add button to set site-specific preferences.

In rare cases, Java Script may be used intrusively to perform certain actions you may find annoying. Some sites may ask to use your location to provide localized features, such as reviews for nearby shops or coupons from businesses located in your area.

By default, Opera will block pop-ups you have not requested.

Opera is one of the most optimized and enhanced web browsers.

Use the dropdown menus to set your microphone preferences.

If you connect a musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) device to your computer, such as a keyboard or controller, some sites and web apps may ask to have exclusive access to the device.

By default, Opera asks you if you’d like to share your location the first time you visit a site that requests it.

You can choose to allow or deny access to your location, and Opera will remember your choice for future visits to that site.

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You can choose whether or not to share your location when browsing.You can opt to display all images or not, as well as set site-specific image preferences.To change image settings: Click the Add button to set site-specific preferences.Opera will not share this information without your permission.Setting location sharing preferences gives you control over how sites access your location.

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