Updating rails 2 2

In case you own the gem, you'll need to make sure it supports Rails 6.0 and if it doesn't, update it. You can use this task as a guideline as explained thoroughly in this post.As an alternative, check out Rails Diff, which provides an overview of the changes in a basic Rails app between 5.2.x and 6.0.x (or any other source/target versions).The framework also has maintenance policies that you should be aware of.Performance improvements and bug fixes you may miss if your app is too old.If you successfully followed all of these steps, you should now be running Rails 6.0!

You should read the security policies and check if your app is using the supported versions.

Webpacker is now the default Java Script compiler for Rails 6.

You can still manage your Java Script using the Asset Pipeline but it might be a good idea to start migrating to Webpack.

If you want to learn more about downsides of dependencies, you can read this blog post about Ruby dependencies and this one about Node.

Monkey patches are often used to change the behavior of the code you don’t own.

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