Updating software on verizon lg voyager

It is a dual-band mobile phone that uses the CDMA standard. The Voyager's online release date in the United States was November 18, 2007, and it was released into stores on November 21, 2007,, which went on sale July 2008 and started at 9.The Voyager then dropped to its lowest price of .99 after a mail-in rebate.Other notables over the i Phone is the removable battery and included turn-by-turn GPS. Update: Release info, details and arrival date here.

The Voyager features an external touch screen, similar to that of the Prada, which features a mechanism to simulate the haptic feedback of physical buttons when the screen is touched.

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The entire core operating system has been upgraded to match the newer LG Dare.

Rhapsody music support was added and some technical problems fixed.

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