Updating source code control status

Integration includes both support for features specific for each VCS as well as a unified interface and management for common VCS tasks.

In this post we review the basics of working with VCS directly from the IDE.

Php Storm helps you create and apply patches to the source code.

A patch is a file in the standard text format that has the *.patch extension and contains a list of differences between the two sets of source files.

The changes specified in a changelist are not stored in the repository until committed (pushed).

For example, to share your work with others, you need to send your changes (or commits) to the remote repository.

VCS takes care of all your source code management, tracking changes made by developers and letting you: revert files to the previous revision; review code before applying changes and distributing it among the whole team; correct mistakes; develop in different branches; and do lots of other useful things.

Php Storm (and other IDEs based on the Intelli J Platform) provides integration with several Version Control Systems, including Git, Subversion, Mercurial and others.

All modified, deleted, unversioned and other files are managed in the is enabled.

This tab shows the changes committed in all the branches of the local and remote repositories, or in a specific local or remote branch. For other VCSs there is the Repository tab which shows the changes committed to the repository under the VCS roots within the current project.

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