Updating sql views from foxpro cursoradapter

Meaning that it is unlikely that you’ll ever find a Client/Server situation where VFP would be a poor front-end choice.This session focuses on Remote Views, but we will incorporate some SQL Pass-Through code.Unlike a query, there is no QPR file to be executed before the data is obtained.Local Views are used with local Visual Fox Pro tables, and Remote Views with any other data.

Once they are created, they are used just like tables (you even open them with the USE command).

VFP offers us two mechanisms for accessing C/S data – Remote Views and SQL Pass-Through.

Remote Views are the VFP component most commonly used for Client/Server applications. How can you get more power than is apparent through the View Designer?

So I had to come up with samples which could be used by most of you.

For those of you with SQL Server available, I elected to include a series of SQL scripts (included with the source code for this session) which could be run to produce an SQL Server database and all the tables we need for this session.

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