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Pendente lite relief establishes: Any temporary relief ordered by the court typically remains in place until the final divorce trial one year from the date of separation.Sometimes, marriages fall apart with no particular fault resting on either party.Legal separation is the point between marriage and divorce.You are considered “legally separated” when a court sanctions an agreement between you and your spouse detailing each party’s rights to child custody, support, and property division while you’re still married but living apart.

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Custody and visitation are never considered to be final.

Personal advice from Graham Law Firm can help you decide if separate maintenance is the right option for you.

If you need to create a separation agreement in Virginia, contact the family law attorneys at Graham Law Firm today. An attorney from Graham Law Firm can help you take all the right steps to establish a separation agreement in the state of Virginia.

You can obtain a no-fault divorce in Virginia if you live separately from your spouse for one year live separately from your spouse for six months, have a separation agreement in place, and have no minor children.

However, since Virginia has no formal procedure for obtaining legal separation status in no-fault cases, you might wonder how to establish that you’ve been separated from your spouse for the requisite time.

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