Validating analysis time window when dating gets serious

The former captures variability in actors’ network positions over time, and its value is dependent on the social network analysis measure (e.g., in-degree centrality) used to quantify the network positions of actors.

The latter represents the changing participation statistics of actors in a longitudinal network.

Conversely, Actor 1 might be very active in another window compared to Actor 2.

Actors in a longitudinal network usually exhibit different rates for different network activities (e.g., the formation of new ties or the dissolution of existing ties).This variability will significantly affect the involvement of actors in the evolution of the underlying longitudinal network.The size of a window can reduce the difference between network activities exhibited by the two actors.All time-stamped network activities within each window are aggregated when conducting a longitudinal network data analysis.Window size selection is considered to be central to the design of any longitudinal research study; however, researchers often overlook this component.

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