Validating date javascript

Here is the sample input data: Pass the date string to the above function.If the string is a valid date, then it returns Y otherwise N.The Validate a Date snippet demonstrates validating a date based on a date range that the user enters.

User agents, such as Adobe Live Cycle can provide automatic alerts (as described in the examples below).

The form compares the specified date against the date range and reports whether the specified year, month, and day are valid. Button1::click - (Java Script, client) Status.clear Items(); //Clear the status listbox. var s Date = Value; var o Date = util.scand("yyyy-mm-dd", s Date); if(o Date == null) // Store date values.

var n Year = o Full Year(); var n Month = o Month() 1; // 0 based var n Day = o Date(); // Validation flags.

For example, if the alert announces an error in a phone number format, positioning the focus on the phone number field when the alert is dismissed can be regarded as helpful and expected. If multiple input errors occur on the page, an alternative approach to error notification should be implemented.

Ensuring that users are aware an error has occurred, can determine what is wrong, and can correct it are key to software usability and accessibility.

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