Validating excel cells

Validation rules can change cells font, style, size or border. For example, rules may highlight negative figures by printing them in red.Rules may also highlight maximum or minimum values, color values by their rank or catch duplicate entries.For example, let’s say you want make sure that only text is entered in a cell.You can use the function Figure 15: Data Validation Rule (Text Only) Now the user will be only allowed to type text data in B4.

Excel's conditional formatting tool applies formatting depending on cells' contents.If you want to find cells which having the data validation, you may need to click on the cell to show the arrow one by one for confirmation if you have no efficient method. In the Go To Special dialog box, check the Data validation and Same options, and finally click the OK button.Actually, with the Excel build-in function - Find & Select, finding cells with data validation is getting easier in your work. See screenshot: Then all cells with the same type data validation as the selected cell are selected immediately.Another possible application of validating entries with formulas is to avoid duplicate entries in a column.For example, let’s say we have a column in our sheet where unique US state names need to be entered.

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